Sometimes I wished that I had a different life. This started from facebook. I rarely check facebook nowadays compared to before. I could get into the whole psychology and reasoning behind it, but that might be for another day. Anyways, I still check, once everyday, usually just to wish happy birthday. I open the homepage, check messages and look at birthdays and usually say “happy birthday bro” if it is a guy or “happy birthday :)” if it is a girl. That is all. But today, I realized that it was the birthday of one of my friends that lives in Hongkong. So, I went to her wall and I was surprised.

There were rarely any simple “happy birthday” messages. Most were written like a letter, with a message. I was stumped. What do I write?

That made me realize, I wanted to live a life as a Hongkonger. I’m not sure why, probably because I’m going crazy or something. Or maybe, that I just take pleasure in imagining a different life, but the reality may be a different perspective. This is actually part of my “sometimes” imagining. 

Sometimes, I would wonder what would have happened if I went to a better highschool.

Sometimes, I would wonder what would my life be like if my family was spoiled rich.

Sometimes, I would wonder if my life would be any different if I kept on playing the piano.

Sometimes, I would wonder if I would still keep my friendships with most of old my high school friends if I went to Vanier or Dawson.

Sometimes, I would wonder what my future would be like if I chose biology instead of nursing. 

Sometimes, I would wonder what my life would be like if I was going to live in China with my , wait, this is getting too personal. 

Most of the time, I would wonder if I did x instead of y.

This time, I’m wondering about how my life would be like in Hong Kong. Like if my parents moved there, instead of Canada.What career would I have? I honestly doubt it would be nursing, for some reason.Would I be better or worse in English? Mandarin? Would I even look the same? My opinions, thoughts and personality? Would I be the same person? Would I be happier? 

I still don’t know what to write for a birthday wish yet.